Nasja Oil


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Contains 30 ml oil made in a GMP certified facility


Apply 3-5 drops on a cotton swab and spread under and around the nose preferably before bedtime or in the morning or as directed by the physician.

For External Use only, Store in a dry place.

What is Nasya in Ayurveda ?

Nasya is an Ayurvedic term for nasal therapy. The therapy entails the administration of medicines or medicated oils through the nasal passage.
The learned sage Maharishi Vagbhatta has stated the following “Nasa Hi Siraso Dwaram”, which means that nose is the gateway to the head and eventually our consciousness. Therefore all medicine introduced through the nose will spread through the head and affect the mind and its constituent parts.

What is Age Ayurveda Nasja oil ?

Nasja tel (oil), is prepared by shastriya method with pure herbs for nasal health. The oil was prepared with a clear sense to introduce these pungent yet effective oils for the European markets. This product was then formulated to keep the efficacy and intact and it was launched in 2009 in Europe.

What are the medicinal uses of Nasaja oil ?

Age Ayurveda Nasja oil has medicinal properties like shadbindu and Annu oil. It is used to restore the vitality of the respiratory system, hydrate the nasal passages and promote proper breathing, resulting in enhanced nasal immunity. Nasja oil addresses the following conditions efficaciously, such as congestion, headaches, migraine, allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis and other nasal infections.
Administration procedure: Lie on your back with the head tilted backwards and put 4 drops of nasja oil in each nostril. Keep lying for a minute or so, to allow the oil to seep into the passages and penetrate.
Administer these drops on an empty stomach.

How does oil protect from Viruses ? 

By administering oil in the nasal passages, or by simply lining the passages it erects a barricade which becomes an obstacle for any pathogens that try to enter. Mask is your first line of defense as an external barrier, Nasja is your second line of defense for the nasal passage, as an internal barrier. The oil traps these pathogens preventing damage. Traditionally Indians have even used cow ghee to moisten the nasal linings, Nasja goes a step ahead by including certain herbs which are beneficial.

Nasja Oil is also available in combos in the form of Immunity Kit and Sugar Free Immuniy Kit.



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